CZ VS ELON TOKEN🥊! The fight of the year! Coming soon on PancakeSwap ! Anti Whale ! Reward for holders, token burn !!

Tired of ELON acting like a little slut? Do you feel betrayed? The only thing that gives you hope is the hunk CZ and his diamond hands?🤲💎

On the one hand we have ELON the bitch, the biggest manipulator of the cryptocurrency market but also the first billionaire to succeed in being the most loved and the most hated in a few months. On the other side we have CZ !!! CZ has big dick energy🍆and also diamond hands🤲💎

CZ like you and me is more than fed up with the whims of the slut ELON. That’s why a fight is organized🥊. This fight will make possible what everyone wants, smash the face to ELON🤕
So come and watch the CZ vs ELON fight !!!

To support this fight, the “CZVSELON” token was created. There will be 100 billion tokens and not one more!

How does this token work?

This token will impose a tax of 12% on each transaction, this tax will be used to reward holders💵 of CZVSELON and also to burn🔥 tokens. This will make the token increasingly rare with each transaction and therefore send it to the moon as quickly as possible🚀🌕

How does the tax work?

The tax will be 12% for life always it will evolve over time to reward more and more holders💵

To be clear there will be 5 phases / rounds

-In the first round 10% on each transaction is burned and 2% to the holders

-Then in the 2nd round (after taxed 1 billion CZVSELON) 8% are burned and 4% for the holders

-Round 3 after 2 billion CZVSELON taxed 6% are burned and 6% for the holders.

-Round 4 after 4 billion CZVSELON taxed 4% burn and 8% for holders.

-And last round which will last for life after 9 billion CZVSELON taxed 10% for holders and 2% burn

How is the supply distributed?

50% of the supply will be injected into the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap🥞, 40% of the supply will be intended for burn🔥, 5% for project development⚙️ and 5% for marketing📊.

For more info you can join the TG and also visit the website here:



Come watch CZ destroy ELON!! 🥊🚀#bsc #cz #elon TG :

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